Saarthi Hydrogen Fuel System



Reduce Emissions, Improve Fuel Savings, Using Hydrogen

Discover Saarthi GreenTech innovation that transforms your diesel engine into a hydrogen-diesel hybrid instantly, offering unparalleled fuel and emission savings and safety, with an attractive ROI.


What We Do

Driving sustainable innovation with cutting-edge Hydrogen Fuel R&D, eco-friendly Manufacturing, strategic Consulting, and advanced IoT solutions.

Research & Development

Pioneering in Hydrogen Fuel systems and related R&D to drive the future of green transportation.


Producing high-quality, safe and high performing systems designed to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.


Providing expert guidance and strategies to help businesses adopt and integrate sustainable practices.

IoT Integration

IoT solutions for real-time GPS and fuel tracking to optimize fleet, carbon footprint and reduce operational costs.


Why you should choose Saarthi Hydrogen Fuel System


Upto 50% Fuel Reduction

Significant Emission Reduction

Increase Engine Power

Improved Engine Life

Easy Installation & Maintenence

Rapid Return On Investment


Saarthi Hydrogen Fuel Systems with 10 Levels of Protection

Unmatched Safety: The Ultimate Protection with Saarthi Hydrogen Fuel Systems

On-Demand HHO Gas Generation

Produces HHO gas only when the engine is running, ensuring immediate utilization and eliminating storage risks. Adjustable hydrogen supply ensures compatibility with the vehicle's alternator and battery.

Equipped with a specially designed stainless steel, water-based flashback arrestor to prevent flashbacks and maintain system coolness, with a secondary plastic bubbler for added safety.

Reinforced SS bubbler tank prevents flame contact with the gas, tested under high HHO generation conditions to halt any fire without damage, ensuring seamless functionality.

A pressure release valve mitigates unexpected pressure accumulation, venting excess gas at 0.4 Bar to maintain system integrity, despite minimal pressure generation during normal operation.

The system automatically shuts down if the temperature exceeds 90°C, with IoT sensors monitoring critical points to prevent excessive heat build-up, ensuring safety through continuous temperature control.

Advanced detection system shuts down power and alerts the driver upon detecting a leak at even 400 ppm, well below the fire risk level, ensuring immediate response to potential leaks.

Features automatic cutoff for voltage or current fluctuations and a high-temperature cutoff to prevent overheating, with a circuit breaker ensuring safety in case of short circuits.

Anodized 3 mm aluminium housing with a stainless-steel frame dissipates heat efficiently and protects against rare internal explosions, designed for larger engines requiring significant gas output.

Closed system design eliminates risks from operator mishandling, with the water supply located within the driver’s reach and isolated from the hydrogen generation process for enhanced safety.

IoT-enabled system provides critical data and automatically enables remote shutdown and restart based on safety analysis, enhancing overall system safety and reliability.

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Our Commitment

Quality, Safety, Innovation


Saarthi Hydrogen Fuel System: The Ultimate Tech-Enabled Green Fuel Solution

Saarthi GreenTech

Saarthi Hydrogen Fuel Systems integrate advanced IoT technology, providing comprehensive insights and control for optimal performance and safety. Experience the future of hybrid diesel engines with Saarthi’s IoT-enabled hydrogen fuel systems, offering unmatched performance, savings, and safety.

Free Telematics
  • Offers vehicle tracking and telematics to monitor system performance.
  • Provides data on distance traveled, average speed, engine RPM/load, and fuel consumption.
  • Included at no extra cost for continuous system benefit monitoring.
  • Console displays critical system information to the driver.
  • Remote monitoring via IoT for parameters like power consumption, battery health, and water levels.
  • Alerts for incorrect installation or tampering, ensuring timely interventions.
  • Monitors system operational time versus vehicle uptime.
  • Logs health data and alerts for maintenance needs.
  • Ensures issues are resolved promptly if the system is shut down or encounters errors.
  • Equipped with sensors to monitor and control operating temperatures.
  • Shuts down if temperatures exceed safe limits (90°C for power supply, 85°C inside the system).
  • Remote control capabilities enhance safety.

  • Allows for remote system control during setup, trials, and operational conditions.
  • Manages high heat, water shortages, and installation issues effectively.
  • Soon launching a reporting platform for detailed insights into fuel savings and emission reductions.
  • Telematics solution included for comprehensive environmental and fuel-saving insights.
  • IoT capabilities enable superior customer service with real-time data and remote diagnostics.
  • Provides proactive issue resolution and continuous support for optimal performance.
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Applications of Saarthi Hydrogen Fuel Systems

Saarthi Hydrogen Fuel Systems are designed for commercial vehicles in categories 4 to 8 and beyond, accommodating diesel engines with over 2.5 liters displacement, regardless of size. Whether used in vehicles, generators, or marine engines, each application should be tested for potential fuel savings. Extensive testing on a variety of engines has consistently shown positive results, demonstrating significant improvements in fuel efficiency and emission reductions.


Saarthi Discover the SGT248 Hydrogen Fuel System

Introducing SGT248 by Saarthi GreenTech, the most powerful hydrogen fuel system designed for diesel engines of every size. This compact, fully digital vehicle mounted retrofit system epitomizes innovation and efficiency, ensuring optimal performance and sustainability. Experience the pinnacle of quality and effectiveness with SGT248.

Save Fuel, Save Enviornment


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