Save upto 50% Fuel

SAARTHI K40 Hydrogen Fuel Systems use only Distilled water to deliver upto 50% fuel savings on vehicles.

Reduce Emission significantly

Reduce net CO2 reduction upto 75%, CO upto 75%, NOx upto 40%, Hydrocarbons upto 80% and Particulate matters upto 80%.

Increase Engine Power

Experience engine torque improvement upto 25%.

Improved engine life

With lesser engine noise, reduce the cost of maintenance.

Easy Installation

K30 & K40 systems are retrofits that get installed on vehicles easily. In matter of hours you start saving on money and emissions.

Rapid Return on Investment

Get ROI within 12 months of installation of the system.


Hydrogen Innovation Boosts
Fuel savings & Emission

Slash your Fuel cost by Half

Slash your Fuel cost by Half

Experience unprecedented savings on your fuel expenses! Depending on your engine size and driving conditions, you could see your fuel consumption cut by up to an astonishing 50%. Don't miss this chance to drive smarter and greener.
Achieve a Greener Footprint

Achieve a Greener Footprint

Step into the future of sustainable driving! Our industry-leading solution delivers remarkable emission reduction across the board - CO2, CO, NOx, HC, and Particulate Matters. Embark on your journey towards a cleaner, healthier planet today.
Easy Installation, Immediate Benefits

Easy Installation, Immediate Benefits

Elevate your driving experience with our safe, easy-to-install system. Witness instant benefits like enhanced engine power and lower maintenance costs. Transform your ride and save money in one swift move.
Pioneering Research And Innovation

Pioneering Research And Innovation

Witness the power of relentless innovation. Backed by a dedicated Indo-Australian research team with over seven years of experience, we constantly evolve to offer you cutting-edge solutions for an enhanced driving experience. Trust in us to drive the future.


Introducing the K Series: Green Innovation and Market best Performance

Introducing the K40 and K30 Systems by Saarthi GreenTech Hydrogen Systems, the epitome of innovation and efficiency in the world of sustainable transportation. These cutting-edge systems are meticulously engineered to meet the needs of larger engines that traditionally struggle to achieve optimal performance due to insufficient hydrogen input. Both the K40 and K30 models are designed with a unique combination of plates arranged in distinct ‘Cells,’ allowing them to generate more hydrogen within a compact space. The K40, robust and dynamic, is capable of even higher hydrogen output, perfect for the largest engines. Meanwhile, the K30 offers a tailored solution for medium to large engines, ensuring optimal benefits from hydrogen-enhanced combustion. Together, the Knox series K40 and K30 systems represent Saarthi’s commitment to quality, effectiveness, and the pursuit of a cleaner and greener future.


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FAQ for products

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What People Say about Us

I've got my second Hydrogen system on my Nissen diesel and great savings as I travel through outback Australia selling my “fun fried chickens ” setup to roadhouses. My records show I'm saving 51% of fuel costs from before When I didn't have a Hydrogen system. This Hydrogen is the future of energy and fuel savings . And it got much more power and torque.


Cairns , Queensland

We set up the new Hydrogen fuel system Gen 15 on the new campervan and successfully ran the unit through Northwest up to Broome. We have the new gen 15 hydrogen system set up and running at 26 amp and using one liter of water every 13 hours. I am averaging 8.0 L per 100k when the vehicle is carrying 500kg of camping equipment, water food and fuel on the bush roads between the isolated gold mining Ghost towns of WA.


Western Australia

For 3 years I have successfully run my 1988 Unimog 435 Camper with an OM352A diesel and AV intercooler. It was fitted with a GEN 15 Knox system and delivered exceptional power, particularly in the mid-range torque, which required less gear changing in hilly terrain. My fuel consumption was also reduced, as a result I could manage 17-18 mpg on a long haul into the outback.


New South Wales

Just a quick review on my experience with your hydrogen fuel saver. I’ve only been using it for about a month on my 2010 V6 petrol Hilux. I noticed early on that I normally get about 500 km per tank of fuel. Not great. With the hydrogen unit, I am easily getting between 650-700 km per tank in the first month. Depending on the sort of driving I do as to the extent of the savings, there is a definite overall improvement in mileage. It’s nice to see that the fast-falling fuel gauge needle has finally slowed down! I am very happy with the results. They have easily hit my expectations. Thank you very much,

Bree Johnston

Western Australia

Increase Power , improved engine performance, increased Engine Torque, increased fuel economy. – all reported increase due to the use of the Hydrogen Fuel System

Coogee Chemicals

Western Australia

I bought a Gen 15 hydrogen fuel cell . I put it into my F250. I am getting 9 litres to the 100 km. I've doubled by economy and much more horsepower. This Unit is the future saving money. This is fantastic. Thank you for your invention. Im happy to speak to anyone who wants to know more about my hydrogen fuel systems.

Troy Lahey